I Love My Cats!

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Favorite Cat ... Midnight was the only cat I’ve ever had that would steal my dinner off the kitchen counter. He stole whole chickens, pork chops, and anything left out to thaw. He would even climb into the trash can to retrieve the “thrown away” crusts of pizza and pork chop bones. Once he had our human food in his mouth, he’d run through the house like a bat out of ... well...and hide under my daughter’s bed, growling like a dog, should someone come to “take back” our dinner or our trash! Poor Midnite is no longer with us.
Click here to see a big picture of Midnite and me taken about a hundred years ago.

Another favorite kitty of mine was DeLorean, a blue point Himalyan. He was about 13 years old and suddenly developed irritable bowel disease and had to be put to sleep in May of 1999. DeLorean was special because he would run to the door and greet me every time I came home from anywhere. He was also the gaurd cat and kept our other cats in line when they would get too rowdy when playing.
He would get right in their faces and meow as if to tell them to settle down or else!

We have two cats now. We have Ferrari (top photo) and Mercedes (with his summer haircut). Ferrari is a black Persian. Mercedes is a seal point Himalyan and looks like someone dropped him in a bowl of chocolate. Mercedes is a true Himalyan because we see "him-a-layin" around the house all the time! (Sorry, I thought it was funny.)

Here is a link to the coolest free cat animated online postcards located at: http://www.actioncat.com/contents.html .

Want to see some cute cat graphics? They are really cute, and I had no place to put them in my web pages, so I thought I would give them their own page. Click MORE KITTIES !

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P.S. Hello Nancy and Kellie !!!!!!