Here are a few of my very favorite things ...

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Country Western Dancing ... This includes the East Coast swing, the waltz, the two-step, and line dancing.  My favorite dances are the two-step and the swing.  Then comes line dancing.  My favorite country dance club was Two Steps West. They closed because they weren't making any money off all the dancers and then reopened as a hip hop club. No thanks! Now, to dance, I have to go to the old Mama's Country Showcase or Cowboys. Neither one of those places is as classy as Two Steps was. This was the place where the professional dancing competitors practiced!

Yep, that's me in the picture above. I certainly was a snazzy little dresser.
I was country when country wasn't cooool!

Sunsets ...

I took this gorgeous photo of Stone Mountain somewhere near Snellville, GA, off Highway 78, back in April of '91 (during the Gulf War Crisis). To me, sunsets like this are an awesome sight. They simply take my breath away!

The Beach ... We usually end up on the beaches of Daytona each summer. Every now and then we’ll try a different beach, such as Myrtle Beach, Gulf Shores or Destin, but we always seem to return to the unique beaches of Daytona.  Why do I love Daytona Beach?  There aren't too many beaches one can legally drive on. Parking beside your spot on the beach is just too convenient.  Hey, here's a beach tip. Ever gotten stuck in the sand in your car on a beach? Just let most of the air out of your tires, where the tire looks almost flat, and then you can drive right out. Don't forget to stop by the nearest air pump to reinflate those tires though!