Towers High School Class of 1973

Class of 1973
Survey Results from the 25th Reunion

A survey was given to the classmates who attended our 25th reunion. We wanted to know what people wanted to do for our next reunion, what they liked or disliked about previous reunions, etc. Thanks to everyone who returned their survey. The results are below.

The class of 1973 voted for a casual dress for our next reunion.
They wanted to eliminate the family picnic, and they preferred the tickets to be no more than $50.
It was almost a tie vote for our next reunion to be combined with other THS classes' reunions.
Classmates wanted to continue to use metro area hotels for the evening get-together.
Next in line was a tie for an out-of-town weekend reunion to a location in Georgia, like Helen or Callaway Gardens, and a Bahamas' cruise reunion.

Other reunion suggestions and comments are as follows...

Plan at least a year ahead of 2003 for the 30th reunion.
We've done a great job!
Use network calling & searching because people need to feel wanted.
Please expand the celebration hours from 7-1 pm.
How about a live band?
Or have a theme party such as 50's, disco, etc.
So far the reunions have been great!

Our current committee appreciates all the feedback from everyone and will consider each suggestion made for our next reunion! If you have any suggestions or comments that you would like to have considered, send them to:
Mary Maduros Coulter at .

The survey also gave people the opportunity to volunteer to work on the planning for our next reunion. People interested in joining the committee team are: Doris Mobley Banks, Tommy Dobson, Dawn Mercer Evans, Gil Perkins, Jay Lovelady, Lisa Bradford Elliott, Kevin Miller, Sherie Acree Foster, Thomas Harden, Jan Lipscomb Shaw, Suzanne Hall Moore, Beverly Raxter Fields, Wanda Nichols Smith, Jeff Heusel, and Bobby Hamilton!!!

A big thanks to everyone who said they are interested in helping!!!

If you would like to place any comments in the THS Class of 1973 Guestbook, you can do so below. We would love to hear from you!

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